Language Comprehension

and Skill Application

In the usual learning to accumulate words, pay attention to words collocation, idiom training, effective for the words fill in the blank; understand the question and answer focus on the point of refinement and analysis; use of fast memory method to let you feel the joy of fragment abbreviation! Let you get the sentence score all win back.


Overall, the contents of News play a very important role in our examination! The accumulation of the knowledge is a long term progress. We will enhance your child critical thinking & idea of concept from News Reading Course.

How we teach?


Primary School Program

PSLE Ordinary Chinese Sprint Class

  • Paper 1: Proposition essay and reading composition
    Composition Skill (Emphasis on writing skills)
  • Paper 2: Simulate and practice questions
  • Paper 3: Oral and Listening Exercises

PSLE Advanced Chinese Sprint Class

  • Paper 1: Proposition Writing and Scenario (Completed Article)
    Composition Skill
  • Paper 2: Simulated Test Practice and Presentation Skills Mock Paper Practice
  • Paper 3: Oral and Listening Exercises

Vacation Picnic

  • Pastoral cultural tours, religious tours or
  • Singapore’s famous attractions.

Talent Calligraphy / Art / Craft

O Level Course

Special Programme(Secondary School)

“O” Level of Chinese Oral Test Sprint Class

Video Analysis
Keypoint Highlight
Answering Skills
Scoring Strategy

“O” Level Chinese (1160) Remarks

“O” Level Advanced Chinese (1116) Remarks

Paper1,2 and 3/Mock Papers and explanation

JC Chinese

Opportunities JC Chinese:

Focus on the discovery and discussion of real life material, you can travel, food, exchange activities, should live wide and wide sky, free to fly.

Learn words and idioms in stories, fables and proverbs. Show your rich language skills in your essay.

Show your eloquence in the interview, see the video session to reflect your usual sense of life.

Choose your best at writing, whether it is narrative, or rationale.  In the narrative feel heartbeat, in reason to feel your courage.

Holiday Program

K1/2 to Sec4
Chinese / English Creative Writing (Primary 1 to Sec4)
Chinese / English Reading Comprehension (Small 3 to 4)

Tuition Centres:

  • 845 Yishun Street 81 #03-186/188 S760845
  • 810 Hougang Central #03-214 S530810


  • 62576800 (Yishun Centre)
  • 62811300 (Hougang Centre)
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